Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Imperfection - napowrimo #21

You gave me my hands,
that snag easily like sensitive silk;
you gave me my mind,
its moods are hard to tame, like mother gorillas;
you gave me my lips,
they pump out heavy words, like a bag of peaches;
you gave me my heart,
it carries memories like blood on the loose.


  1. 'blood on the loose' wow, what an image!

    I've just read you mother-hero poem too, and as a mother of a 24 year old boy (man? no!) it brought a tear of joy to my eye.

  2. yes, 'blood on the loose' a great image

  3. I really like this Richelle...IMO one of you best...thanks for your words

  4. wow that is a great poem. Just found your blog via Eryl's and am really really impressed. Don't stop after the challenge, this is all really good stuff.
    Thanks for sharing it.